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Engage with the language community. Collaborate with your peers.
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About Scripture Forge

Extend your Reach With Scripture Checking

Many Scripture projects today are engaging an increasingly geographically diverse group of heart-language speakers.

The Community Checking tool facilitates a Scripture checking campaign, portion-by-portion, with the aim of getting broader feedback to the translation committee quickly.

Paratext Works with Paratext

1 Simply connect your Paratext project to get started. Synchronize your project to keep it up-to-date with Paratext and send users responses back in Paratext Notes.

shuffle Flexible

2 There's no predefined set of questions that you have to use. Compile questions that fit your context.

group User Engagement

3 Turn on "Share" to enable users to invite a friend to join your campaign or keep feedback to a defined group. Users can answer questions, comment on other's answers and like other's responses.